“Only one part of an ambitious and immersive world, Reagan Esther Myer delivers incisive social commentary through a retro-futuristic synth-pop sound. Reagan Esther Myer is part concept album, part prophecy, and part satire. ... The story’s conflict between technological capitalism and individuality is made audible ver eight tense, futuristic tracks, in which retro synths and distorted samples fight for space with Kopycinski’s serene vocals. The result is disturbing, memorable, and complex—a project that leaves more than a tune stuck in your head.”
The soundtrack to Reagan Esther Myer represents Rebecca’s first musical departure from live looping technique since beginning writing and performing music in 2006 as Nuda Veritas. Where loops once reigned, now synthesizers rule. Still present are the lush, classically-trained vocals, fragmented spoken word tape samples, and vintage drum loops typical of her compositions.

Underpinning most tracks is an ethereal choir of angelic voices (meant to be the voices of Reagan’s mannequin pals on stage) attributed to a vocal synth created by sampling the singer’s voice from a low F#3 to a high C#6 and drenching the virtual instrument in gauzy reverb.
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