ThotBot has been tremendously successful since The ULTRA implemented the program post-Impact. ThotBot calms stormy emotions using Tranquility™, then delivers a stunning blow to the hippocampus, eradicating potentially harmful memories using ULTRApure Selective Memory Reconfiguration Technology. Avoid ThotBot operating system glitches in order to maximize your Value and optimize your Redemption.
Is your ThotBot glitched? Does your Tranquility™ need adjusting? Did Selective Memory Reconfiguration miss a memory or two? Is it time for an operating system reboot? Are you ready to be Implanted for the first time? Book an appointment and start your journey toward Redemption. Don't you want to be great again? The ULTRA is pleased to announce the opening of a new ThotBot Implantation Center. Now accepting reservations for November appointments.

The ULTRA has outfitted the Implantation Center waiting rooms with informative media designed to keep you tranquil and distracted while you wait for your appointment. An ULTRA Tech will check you in and facilitate the completion of intake forms but is not otherwise permitted to communicate. Please save questions for the intake interview.

Soon, you too will be able to Comply, add Value, and Redeem!
All photos by Emily Tirella
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